Dream the Rising of the Bread

Look what I found… A delightful children’s story about a mother and child baking bread with a big blue bowl. I love it! It’s called Blue Bowl Down by C. M. Millen…

Cover of Blue Bowl Down

I didn’t know about this book when I named this site, but I’m tickled pink to find a story about a mother baking bread with her child featuring a blue pottery bowl. I know my Mom would have loved this book, too.

Shake the flour, little baby.
Shake the flour, little baby.
Scoop a handful from the bin.

Shake it out and stir it in,
to the blue bowl, little baby.

Here is video of someone reading Blue Bowl Down

The reader in the video skips over the note from the author at the end of the book, but I think that’s one of the most important parts because it speaks to the importance of heritage:

I am so thankful that C. M. Millen wrote Blue Bowl Down (and that Holly Meade so skillfully interpreted it through her illustrations). The author’s note explains how the book is a testament to her family’s traditions – both bread baking and narrative. If you take a moment to read why I started Blue Bowl Breads, you’ll see why I think that Blue Bowl Down and Bowl Bowl Breads make sweet companions.

I leave you with my favorite line…

Dream the rising of the bread.

Visit the author’s website  |  order a copy of the book.

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